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Filling Station Advertising

By now, Ruut Disain has created filling station advertising for approximately 300 filling stations in Estonia and has accumulated a lot of practical experience. The work process involves everything from the concept up to the instalment of the finished advertising. As an extra service, we also offer regular maintenance of the filling station advertising for our clients. When building a new filling station there are a few things to keep in mind:
1. The cost of an effective filling station advertising should be approximately 5% of the total cost of construction.
2. Early cooperation between the architect and the advertising company gives the best results.
For filling stations, we produce and install: electronic price displays, price posts, general views of the filling station, fuel sign light spreaders, entry and exit signs, and advance direction signs.

LED signs

Ruut Disain OÜ is the official distributor of Finnish LED-Signs OY in Estonia. 
Finnish LED-Signs (FLS) is the leading producer and developer of information boards with LED technology in Scandinavia. Their main products are LED price boards of service-stations and their control systems. FLS uses the best super bright LED components in their LED products and chooses the best production materials that can handle all Estonian weather conditions. 

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